Friday, October 30, 2009

Family stuff

My little grand niece Jaycee turned 2 day before yesterday. We went out to dinner at her favorite place, Johnny Carrino's because she loves the bowtie pasta. She is in the picture here with her dad and is all dressed up because she had just gone to get her picture done. She loves Tinkerbelle so I got her a tshirt with Tink on it and a matching pair of jeans. Been a long time since I bought clothes for someone that little but the shirt fit, the jeans may be a bit to big but soon they will fit too. All and all a great family night. Now if I had a grandbaby or 2 of my own I'd be a happy happy lady.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Lovely Time

We had a lovely time on our mini vacation :) We went up to the north Georgia mountains to a little town called Blue Ridge, the blue ridge mountains sort of start there. We rented a cabin up there for a few days to celebrate my husband's birthday. Our sons came up for a visit and one of them brought his girlfriend. The cabin was on a bit of a windy, heck not a bit a really windy gravel road, so we pretty much just stayed up on our mountain. We got there on Wednesday afternoon and got some milk, mayo and chips to eat until we could hit the store the next day, we had decided given the condition of the road night time driving was out. After picking up stuff we didn't bring with us we spent the rest of the weekend on our mountain. This place had a hot tub, a jacuzzi, a fun game room and several screened in porches to enjoy.

It rained on Friday so we spent some time in the tub, and watched movies that we had brought and I got alot of stitching done. No computers, the cell phones worked off and on so it was really a peaceful time. I would highly recommend that is you need to take a weekend off to relax this is the place to go.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sold one

Here is the picture of the apron I sold today. I am going to have to make a few more of these in a few different styles.

Madly working

I have been madly working on a few new aprons, have several finished and up on the Etsy page. But I am so excited I finally sold one. I'm just a thrilled as I can be. Thank you Lousiana for being the first to get one of my creations.

Headed up to the North Georgia mountains tomorrow, it is hubbies birhday this week and we are going up to celebrate. Chris is coming down from Conniticut and Matt will be up after work for a few days. Danny misses out this time around, he has work this weekend and will be out of state. You all have a nice time and cya when I get back.