Wednesday, September 11, 2013

September 11

People are telling stories of were they were 12 years ago today when the Towers fell.  I too will share my story.  It starts a couple of months before that.  My mom was in the last stages of liver cancer and in August had gone into hospice care at home.  I had fallen about 6 months before after slipping on a wet floor and had to has arthroscopic surgery on my knee.  I had that on Sept 10.  My husband worked at Robins AFB and it was the end of the fiscal year and my kids were in school.  On Sept 11 they all left to go their various ways.  I was left home with my coffee, walker, cross stitch and TV remote but no one thought to give me the cordless phone, I was bandaged on my right let from calf to thigh and not suppose to walk on it for a few days.  So I'm sitting in the lazy-boy chair a movie on TV when my sister Traci called me.  I didn't make it to the phone in time and the answering machine picked up.  She sounded so urgent and told me to call her back right away.  I thought Oh God something happened to mom.  So I hobbled into the bedroom to get the cordless, sat down on the bed and called her back.  She said turn on the TV news, I did just in time to see the plane hit the second tower.  We spent almost the entire morning on the phone watching all the stuff happen, all the rumors etc.  I was thinking of my brother stationed at Robins, my hubby working there and my kids in school.  I prayed and prayed for all those people in the WTC and the Pentagon.  I prayed for the President, that he would be up to the challenges before him.  I prayed for all the folks that now had to land elsewhere in their planes because now it wasn't safe for them to come home. I prayed for our country, we are strong and we came together in this time of crisis.  I wondered afterwards why does it always take a time of crisis to bring us together that way.  I hope we will never forget what we lost and what we have gained since that day and May God Bless America.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My Sewingroom

So my stitching friend Terri posted pictures of her on going project to clean up and organize her craft room. I thought I'd do the same. I will say it needs some cleaning and reorganizing as well but all it all I pretty much know where stuff is.
These are some purses I have been working on to get the right model to offer for sale in my Etsy Shop. My laptop is on the desk underneath. I don't use it for much, it's kinda slow.
The mannequin has a few aprons on it I need to photograph and put in the shop, the dresser is full of fabric.
More fabric and ribbon. I have a lot of fabric, I worked at Hobby Lobby for 3 years in the fabric and needlework department :)
Two of my 4 sewing machines, there is one in the desk the Singer is setting on that hasn't worked right in forever and I have an antique black enamel one in it's case in the dining-room. I haven't used my serger in a while :( The pink filing cabinet has my notions and sewing patterns in it.
A lot of my cross stitch stuff is in these 2 white cabinets, the stuff that is kitted anyway. I have patterns and pamphlets not kitted in a tote under the bed or the bottom drawer of the family filing cabinet in my bedroom closet. One of these days I need to update my database with all the info.
And last but not least the closet. I have totes of notions, lace, ribbons, more patterns etc. on the top shelf. All the aprons currently for sale are hanging there as is all the fabric I have bought to make skirts, dresses and pants (I actually need to make some of those one of these days), a couple of quilt projects and my yarn are also in here. I am working on getting all the shelving done using the Rubbermaid set we found at Lowe's.
Well that's it for now, I will try to remember to post pictures as I get it more organized and cleaned up. And my husband wants to try and put a bed in here HaHaHa!!!