Friday, April 20, 2018

My journey starts today

So, my journey begins today.  I have had a weight problem all my adult life, and that is pretty sad to say because next month I’ll be 62 and I am just now coming to the realization that I need to do something and do it now. 
My father in law passed away last week at the ripe old age of 93 and my mother in law is still around at 91 while my parent are no longer here.  My mom took wonderful care of herself but passed away at 69 due to cancer and my dad passed at 80 due to a brain bleed.  I would like to be around longer then this and to do that I have to change things, starting today.
I have been going to Weight Watchers for a few years but kind of paid lip service to the whole thing.  If I had taken it as serious as I should have I would be a life time member by now.  That ends today.  I am going to lose the weight, I am going to get moving more and I am going to become the person I want to be from this moment forward.

So, day one:  Tracked everything so far, have only had breakfast but counted it, tracked it.  Took the dog for a walk, not as far as I plan on going but a good start (and the weather here is beautiful today), and I am drinking water, I learned in a WW meeting yesterday that 70% of Americans are dehydrated.  I drink coffee at breakfast, usually 2 cups, one diet coke with Splenda at lunch, milk and coffee with dinner that that’s about it.  I maybe one of the 70%.  Time to change that.  I do like La Croix water but I seriously don’t think I can drink 5 cans of carbonated water a day so I will have to drink other water as well. 

Friday, January 5, 2018

A day in my Quilty Life

One of the things I have become addicted to over the last several years is Quilting.  I love turning scraps of fabric into a Quilt, big or small doesn't really matter to me at this point, I'm still trying to learn to be better at it.  I have had issues with points matching but I keep plugging away at it.  I look all over the internet for tips and tricks on how to be better at it.  Man are there a lot of tips and tricks.  I got my hubby to buy me a new machine for Christmas to learn machine quilting on.  Nothing fancy with tons of bells and whistles but so far it's working for me.

I also started working on planning my sewing time to try and get more done.  I got the The Quilters Planner to help me get more organized in my sewing and daily life.  There is a Block of the Month challenge going on with other folks who have the planner and I decided to join.  I mean after all you have an entire month to do one block and at the end you will have a quilt.  I am seriously working on the first block.  I found some cute fat quarters packs at Hobby Lobby here in town and got 2 just to be on the safe side.  
 So this is the fabric with all the piece cut to specs
And this is my first ever Split Square Triangles.  I thought they were going to be a pain to figure out but they are easy :)  

On the flip side, still friggin cold here.  We won't warm up until mid week next week.  I know I know I don't live in the North East so I only have to contend with cold, not snow and terrible winds etc.  but there is a reason I stayed in the south :)

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Baby it's cold outside

Woke up this morning it was 20 degrees with a windchill of 12, now most of you would think for winter that that would be pretty normal but I live in the south, in the Middle of Georgia to be exact.  I don't think it's suppose to be this cold here.  Anyway it kind of put a monkey wrench in my New Years plans to walk the dog everyday.  I'm sorry I just don't do cold, I will have to find other ways around the inside of my house to get my steps in today.  I have a fabric room that needs cleaning, floors that need mopping so I'm sure I'll get them in.

On the stitching front I have started a new cross stitch, this one will be for my sister Kelley when it's done.  I am working on "The Letter S by Nora Corbett,  She wasn't a fan of the K for Kelley so we went with the last name instead.  When I have more the 10 stitches in I'll post my progress. 

On the quilting front I have a couple of things going on. I fell in love with this Riley Blake fabric a few years ago and bought a few layer cakes.  I finally found a pattern I thought I could do and got distracted by life in general.  When my son and daughter in law told us they were expecting a new addition after the new year I was excited, when they told us it would be another girl I got really excited, now I could use that cute fabric.  Started working on it and our little Haley Belle decided to come 7 weeks early.  I am so not ready for this.  Squares are half done so now I have to kick the sewing into high gear to get this done, hopefully by February when we plan on going up to Chicago to see the family.This the the quilt I'm working on, Disappearing hourglass, this makes me wish I had a lap top instead of just  tablet or phone to follow along with.  Again more pics to follow in a day or two

Hope it's warm where you are and that all your stitches and such are true :)

Friday, April 29, 2016

Hexie this and Hexie that, my way of doing Hexies

I was explaining to a friend the other day how you do Hexies by hand using cardboard shapes.  She said she had never heard of that before so I figured since I was working on a Hexie Table Runner for my table for this upcoming Christmas I’d try writing instructions on how to do this and use my progress.
First off you need Hexagon shapes in whatever size to stitch fabric to.  I have a 2” hexagon paper cutter I got at Hobby Lobby a year or so ago using a coupon.  People use other stuff to make theirs, some use freezer paper that when you iron shiny side down it will stick to the fabric and you never have to remove it.  I prefer cardboard, I don’t want to spend all that time ironing.  You can use old cards, or card stock from the store to cut your shapes. 

This is the cutter I used and some of my shapes

Now you need your fabric, like I said I’m making a Christmas table runner and found this cute pattern at the Moda Bake Shop a few years ago.  Theirs was machine sewn and I tried that but wasn’t really happy with it.  I had a bunch of 2 -1/2” hexies cut out so just used those to sew to the card board shapes.  You can cut out 2-1/2” squares that will give you enough for a seam allowance. 
 Next you have to sew the fabric around the shapes, this is done by hand and a great project to work on while you watch TV.  I did a bunch this weekend while binge watching House of Cards on Netflix.  You need some kind of clips to hold the fabric down as you fold it over the shapes to sew down.
  You go corner to corner until you have them all sewn down and looks like this.
Then of course you have to attach the hexies to each other,  use the same clips to hold two of them together and whip stitch from corner to corner.
You can make all kinds of shapes with these little things,  I was doing rows, 7 across once I got the first few done to make the correct shape of the runner, for a total of 16 rows.

 Once it's done your back with look like this, of course depending on the shapes you have made
You can press front and back to set the seams before you remover the templates. You use a crochet hook to remove the papers just pick a corner and pull gently.  Now you can reuse the templates for your next Hexie project.

Mine looks like this right now, I haven't pressed it yet.
Check back next week, I will have it finished and ready for the holidays :)

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Pretty spring day

We have had a bit of rain the last few days, actually a lot last night.  I got up this morning and the sun was out and the grass was so green, I didn’t have my glasses on at first and saw a brown lump in the yard under where two of my trees are.  I thought it was a clump of leaves that fell off the tree(s).  Turns out it wasn’t, it was this cute little rabbit, just lying there in the grass.  It didn’t even move when I got a bit closer to take its picture.  My doggies didn’t even notice it.
After I took a picture of the bunny I had to get some of my roses.  They are blooming so nicely at the moment.  Several more have big fat buds on them so I see more lovely roses in my future. 

I have spent way too much time today sitting at this computer, think I need to go putter around and get a few things done.  But Einstein will be staying here taking his nap.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Another Swap for me

I decided to do another quilt square swap.  I have finished two swaps, but not the quilts J.  One the squares are together just working on the border, piano keys which are kind of tedious, the other is a Friendship Ribbon quilt in Christmas fabrics.  I will probably get that one together this month.  However, in the mean time I am now doing a Random Ohio Star quilt using Bonnie Hunters free pattern Random Ohio Stars.  I chose Civil War prints for mine.
This is all my way of saying don’t be in a rush.  I needed to have this blocks mailed to arrive before April 15 and I’m cutting it close, I will be mailing them today.  I was on a birthday adventure which I will be sharing in a few days and was gone for 10 days, when I got home I had to get caught up on so much stuff.  
I finally got a chance to sit down and sew and got to work on the 4 blocks I needed to made.  I made the half square triangles first, since I have learned chain piecing I decided to do all that part first.  Anyone see the problem here? 
 All the triangles are sewn on the wrong side, so I had to go back and sew them all on the correct side then take the wrong stitches out.  They look like this when done correctly.

They finish into this really nice block that is now going in the mail with 3 others.  

Saturday, December 5, 2015

A Happy Dance for Me :)

I had a happy dance just before Thanksgiving and forgot to share ....shame on me :).  I actually finished sewing a quilt mystery before the next one started.  I finished Grand Illusion by Bonnie Hunter which is now available here Grand Illusion Digital Download.  I used the colors recommended as I'm not brave enough yet to try my own.
Now I will need to press it, make and backing for it, have a few ideas for that, and then send it to be quilted, but all that will have to wait until after Christmas.  I think I'm going to put it on the bed in my guest bedroom when finished.