Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My Sewingroom

So my stitching friend Terri posted pictures of her on going project to clean up and organize her craft room. I thought I'd do the same. I will say it needs some cleaning and reorganizing as well but all it all I pretty much know where stuff is.
These are some purses I have been working on to get the right model to offer for sale in my Etsy Shop. My laptop is on the desk underneath. I don't use it for much, it's kinda slow.
The mannequin has a few aprons on it I need to photograph and put in the shop, the dresser is full of fabric.
More fabric and ribbon. I have a lot of fabric, I worked at Hobby Lobby for 3 years in the fabric and needlework department :)
Two of my 4 sewing machines, there is one in the desk the Singer is setting on that hasn't worked right in forever and I have an antique black enamel one in it's case in the dining-room. I haven't used my serger in a while :( The pink filing cabinet has my notions and sewing patterns in it.
A lot of my cross stitch stuff is in these 2 white cabinets, the stuff that is kitted anyway. I have patterns and pamphlets not kitted in a tote under the bed or the bottom drawer of the family filing cabinet in my bedroom closet. One of these days I need to update my database with all the info.
And last but not least the closet. I have totes of notions, lace, ribbons, more patterns etc. on the top shelf. All the aprons currently for sale are hanging there as is all the fabric I have bought to make skirts, dresses and pants (I actually need to make some of those one of these days), a couple of quilt projects and my yarn are also in here. I am working on getting all the shelving done using the Rubbermaid set we found at Lowe's.
Well that's it for now, I will try to remember to post pictures as I get it more organized and cleaned up. And my husband wants to try and put a bed in here HaHaHa!!!