Wednesday, September 21, 2011

More Stitching progress

While I was looking for something else the other day I pulled out a sampler I started a few years ago. It is The Token by Long Dog. I realized I was close to finishing page 2 so I did :)

Stitching progress

I had set myself a rotation but when I started working it I found I really wasn't in the mood to do some of the pieces I picked to be in it. So I threw out the rotation and decided just, for the time being, to stitch whatever strikes my mood. I am, however staying true to working on The Wedding every 2 weeks because no matter what that one has to be done and framed by May of next year, the wedding is June 3, 2012.

Stitching Progress

I also pulled out Angel of the Morning. It is by LL also and was dedicated to the folks effected by 9-11. Seemed only right that I worked on it that whole day and watched all the doing for the dedication of the memorials etc that occured all around the US that day. I am also a bit of a history/news junky so I pretty much spent the entire day watching stuff on FoxNews, MSNBC(the stuff about how all this was done by the Today show staff which was the broadcast I was watching in realtime that day)and The History Channel. I got quite a bit done on her. This angel has one of the most beautiful stitched faces I have ever seen and I will get her done, it has been to long.