Monday, October 27, 2014

Color me Crazy

Color me crazy but I'm starting another Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt next month when I get home from seeing Chloe in Connecticut.  This one is called Grand Illusion  and all the info about it so far can be found here .  I pulled a lot of the black and neutrals from my stash of fabrics but don't have that much yellow, pinks, greens or teals so I have had to go shopping.  I did luck out last week, Hancock's was having a half off cotton fabrics and I got most of what I needed there.  Picked up a few from Hobby Lobby too as they run 30% off calico and cotton all the time.

Yes the dresser behind it a mess and yes those are dog treats on the ironing board, my doggies are waiting none to patiently for them in the other room.  It's all washed and ready to press and await further instructions.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Another Month Another block and other stuff

Over on Facebook I am a member of the Friendship Quilting Group, and every month we do a mystery block. We got to chose which fabric(s)  we wanted to use.  Some chose shirting, some chose everyday fabrics, some chose batiks and some brave souls chose them all :).  I chose batiks so every month I make 9 blocks to send of the pattern posted to the group and I get 9 back.  I am working on this months and I'm liking the chose of colors I picked for this month.

Since I can't spend 24/7 at the sewing machine and I like to do other stuff too I have also been crocheting dish cloths for my Etsy Shop,  These ones are for Christmas but I have been working on ones for Halloween as well.