Monday, December 28, 2009

Holiday Season

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season. We spent a nice quite day home with 2 of our 3 boys. Chris lives in Conniticut and couldn't join us this year and we really missed him. I think it was the first time he hasn't been home for the holiday. Everyone enjoyed their gifts and I made a bit of a different dinner this year. Instead of potatos we had homemade Mac 'n Cheese (Danny, my oldest, isn't a fan of scalloped potatos). I also made a raspberry, chocolate torte instead of my tradional yule log for dessert. Hubby liked it but prefers the yule log. Oh well every once in a while you have to try something new.

Heading down to my dad's for New Year. He turns 80 the week after New Years day so we are having his bash on New Year's Eve. That way my sister Kelley can be there. She is in combat training school and will be leaving Jan 2 to go back. In Feb off to Afghinstan for her. Again! :(.

Have a Happy and Blessed New Year!

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