Wednesday, March 24, 2010

When did my life get so hectic?

My life got very hectic lately. I went back to school in January to learn how to do medical transcription. I have done well in my classes and have 3 left to take to be done. Then to find a job in that field. During all of this my sister has been shipped off to Afghanistan (her second go round I might add). My Dad had a shunt put in due to water in the brain and has had 2 bouts with pneumonia since Jan,one of these episodes has done something to his mind and he isn't quite there anymore. He can be combative at times with the staff at the rehab facility. He has been refusing to eat or drink their food or water claiming that they are trying to poison him. He is on new medication to try to correct these issues hopefuly they will work out. While all this is going on my dear mother in law suffered a minor stroke. She is home from the hosiptal but my hubby is going up to visit them and help out around the houses (theirs and the late uncle's they are getting ready to sell). So next week he will go his way to visit his mom and I'll go my way to visit my dad and help out my stepmother, school if out for a week so I will spend about 4 days there. Thank goodness for older sons who have volunteered to take care of the house and dogs while we are all away.

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