Saturday, May 15, 2010

What a pretty day

It is such a pretty day out today here in Middle Georgia and what am I doing????? Putting away groceries, and rearanging kitchen cabinets :(. They had a case lot sale out the the commisary on base and now I have find room for all the extra stuff I bought. On the flip side, I won't have to buy Tide, papertowels, muffing mix and cereal for a while :).

My oldest son is stay here for the day. He had his ACL repaired (or replaced) yesterday. He tore it just before Easter, all the way through, so he had to say here last night, he wasn't to be alone for at least 24 hours due to the surgery and the pain meds. He can't walk on it for a month but does have to start physical therapy on Monday. And if I know Danny, and I do, he will do all the therapy and make sure his knee is as back to normal as it can be. He is a sports nut and is seriously missing playing softball and basketball.

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