Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dad's Poem

As I told you all a month or so ago I lost my dad. He was a wonderful man and it seems a poet at heart. I always knew he loved poetry but he actually wrote a very beautiful one that I'm going to share with you.

I wander thru the valley of life
And see the world so torn with strife
And pray that God will help me understand
The things, that make a man, a man
Help me oh Lord to be humble and kind,
And in the work, let me find
The joy of living a life complete,
So I’ll be ready, when it’s time to meet.
I stand ready to do thy will,
And pray the thou my heart will fill
The love of man, and kindness too,
To do the things that I must do,
And when I reach the time to go,
As the sun sink in to the west,
Then, may I look to the heavens, and know,
That, on this earth, I’ve done my best.
… James A. Stewart, CMSGT
USAF (Ret.)

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