Thursday, May 26, 2011

Getting ready to go

I am getting ready for a much needed vacation. A lot of family stuff has gone on around here in the past few weeks and months and I am in serious need of decompression. We are headed up to Wisconsin to help with the renovations on the Cottage. This cottage has been in my hubbies family for about 50 years. His uncle Mickey bought it in the early 50's for around 25 grand. At the time hubby's grandmother thought it was a large waste of money. Uncle Mickey and Aunt Ceil never had any children and could afford it and enjoyed it a great deal. It sits on Lake Michagan up in the northern part of Wisconsin. It, over the years became a fun place to go for a week or so in the summer to fish and hang out, even Grandma went a few times:). Uncle Mickey passed away in the early 70's but Aunt Ceil keep it. Her brother Louie (hubbies uncle) helped and when Aunt Ceil passed away about 6 years ago Uncle Louie became the owner of the cottage. Now he is gone and my father in law owns it. It has for many years been in need of some serious upgrades and since my father in law got it he has been slowly but surely with the help of my brother in law Tom seeing to these. Now we are at the point where it needs to be pained and they turned the garage into living space and drywall needs to be hung to the framed out rooms. I can't hang dry wall but I weld a mean paint brush.

I have been married to my hubby for almost 36 years and have never been up there. My kids have gone at various times while visiting the grandparents but my vacations always seemed to fall in the winter when it was closed up for the season. I'm kind of looking forward to it. Will let you know how things went and some pictures while I'm at it. :)

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