Thursday, June 9, 2011

Vacation Pics

Had a nice time, as stated before, on my recent trip to Wisconsin. I tried posting pictures of the lake everyday to Facebook, cell service was spotty at best but I did manage to get one everyday. I have to say though that this one is my fav, I made it the wall paper on my phone, it was just the perfect shot.
There was a hammack set up and my oldest son Danny enjoyed it a lot. One day while taking a break, the guys were playing pranks on each other. My brother in law Rick decided to play a joke on my nephew and shot off a set of firecrackers near were he was napping. This of course gave my son Chris a idea, while Danny was napping in the hammock
Chris decided the best way to wake his brother up was to do the same thing. Poor Danny had known this may happen and tried to stay awake and fool everyone but the hammock was to much to resist and almost fell out of the hammock over such a rude awakening.

A lot of birds came by while we were working and one day a group of swans came by
which or course got the dogs excited, but the swans just sailed peacefully on by.

It really was a nice week, the only thing missing was my youngest son Matt, he had work and school so had to stay home and got tasked with dog sitting for Danny's dog and ours. Here is a shot of the rest of the Kupcho men.

I really am looking forward to going up there again. Probably not until next year though. No more vacation time plus the place it not winterized and gets shut down around October. Maybe after Chris's wedding next year we will be able to go for a week.

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mdgtjulie said...

That looks just lovely. I love your sunset pic! It's just gorgeous!!