Thursday, October 27, 2011

Updated stitching news

I have been working on my new and improved stitching rotation. I didn't like the one I had after I got it all together and started working on it. I decided to make some changes, big ones too. I am working on the Wedding, that one has to be done on time (by the beginning of May next year) so I can get it to the framers and framed before my son's wedding the beginning of June. The other pieces not so urgent. So I have decided to change things up a bit. I will work on the Wedding for 2 weeks and then one of the other pieces I am currently in love with for a week, back to the Wedding for 2 and then another piece for a week. I am on week 2 of the Wedding so new pictures will be up after the weekend but I do have progress to report on 2 other pieces I have been working on. First would be Sundae Delight by HAED. I like this one and will keep it in my must do pile for awhile yet.
The other one is also from HAED and I saw it on a Facebook group I belong to and had to have it. Last time HAED had a sale I bought it. It's called Power and Prestige and I found after my first week I didn't want to put it down but made myself. It has alot of greys and blacks in it but I am enjoying it alot . I am also liking the fabric alot. Just wish I could remember what I got.
Anyway new updates on the Wedding will be coming next week.

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