Monday, August 2, 2010

Stitching and typing my days away

I have been stitching and typing these hot, hot summer days away. We have had heat advisories here in Georgia for 15 straight days. Hope it ends soon. I love my husband dearly but he really, really hates this type of weather. If he comes home from work one more time complaining about the heat I'm gonna find a really large crate, poke a few holes in it, knock him out stuff him in the box and send him to the north pole. We have lived in Georgia for almost 20 years and sure as the sun comes up tomorrow it will get hot here in the summer. Complaining about it day in and day out for the whole summer won't change it and just makes everyone more miserable. Anyway, I got off subject. I have been doing alot of stitching on Angel of the Morning and Alpine Garden. I will post pics later this week. I am also going to school to be a certified medical transcriptist and have been doing alot of practice dicatations lately. I am on my last class and will start the job hunt in the next month or so as it gets closer to end of term. Hoping to combine this with the diploma in CIS that I already have to get a fairly decent job.

I have also decided over the next few months to start selling some of my older stitching stuff. I have a large amount of cross stitch patterns that I bought over the past 30 years and will never, ever get around to stitching. If for some reason we decide to down size out living arrangements in the future it will be one less things to worry about if I get started early. Will keep you posted when I start the process. Probably will sell them on E-Bay, that seems to be the popular choice for this kind of stuff.

Hope you all stay cool, I'm working on it, thank God for AC.

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