Thursday, August 11, 2011

A bit of this and that

Well I have done a bit of stitching this week. I have been working on the Madonna I have in my rotation. I also have been working on some crocheted dish cloths for my shop and a new apron. Amidst all of this I was feeling to well. I had craps (kinda like menstrual craps that I can't have anymore) and my upper thigh hurt when I touched it. I woke up Tuesday with a bit of a rash on my upper left thigh so off to the doctor I went yesterday morning. I have Shingles. So now I have to take an anti-viral med, i have a lotion to use on the rash and pain meds. I actually thought yesterday I wasn't going to need the pain meds but I did last night. I don't like taking them, I will if I am in a lot of pain, otherwise I will stick with tylenol.

I will take a few pics of the dishclothes and apron today as well as my progress on my Madonna. I took a few of the cloths but I think either the flash was off or the lighting was bad so I will have to try again once the sun if full up.

My only plans today are to stay home. It is suppose to be 99 today with a heat index of 107. I think I'll just stay in my nice AC'd house and stitch or something.

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lanybleu said...

Thanks for joining in with my giveaway and good luck with that and with your scrapbooking.

I saw on your blog you are on a weight loss journey and I wish you all the very best of luck with it, it is a journey as I am currently on one too and know how long and hard it can be, but stick with it, it is soooo worth it in the end, although I am not at the end yet but getting closer every day.