Sunday, February 2, 2014

Fun Fun Fun this past week

Well I live in middle Georgia and as you all my know from watching the news this past week we got SNOW!!!.  We didn't have the issues that Atlanta did, our people seem to be smarter here, they closed school and told most nonessential federal, state, county and city workers to stay  home.  We aren't equipped to handle this kind of ice/snow mix here.  We don't have salt trucks and we don't have snow plows so we close down the town and stay home :) This is my backyard.

So what did I do most of my day since I don't do the cold that cames with this snow, I worked on my Celtic Solstice Quilt.  I worked on Chevrons.
I have all the parts cut out and several sewn up so far.  I will do more later today or in the next few days.  the weather has turned nicer (for me anyway hubby liked the cold that came with the snow).  I may have to go outside tomorrow and help trim the Crepe Myrtles, it's getting to be that time of year.

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