Sunday, January 19, 2014

I forgot it!!

I forgot to mention that I finished Lily of the Valley back in the summer.  I took her up to Hobby Lobby and Lynn the lady who runs the frame shop helped me pick out the mats to frame her with.  I was going to go for the greens but she said NOPE, to much green in the fairy itself, let's try to pick up the blues instead.  Boy was she right!  It turned out so nice and I even won a ribbon at the Georgia National Fair in September.  I was so please.
So I have taken Lily off the WIP portion of the list and added Angel of Love.  I will have to post a picture of that one when I'm done with her for the week. At some point I will have to start the Emerald Mermaid to go along with Lily and the Letter M I have already stitched.  I am after all a Mary who was born in the month of May and my soon to be granddaughter is also going to be here in the month of May, what great things to pass down to her.

Happy Stitching Everyone!!!!

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