Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Oiy I'm working on quilts again :)

I have taken up quilting again after several years of not working on any at all.  I am finding it a bit more of a challenge then I thought but am enjoying the process anyway.
               I picked a fun one to dive back into.  I am working on a Bonnie Hunter Mystery called Celtic Solstice  The part giving the biggest head ache so far are the pinwheels.  I have done part 1, haven’t done part 2, took a break from the pinwheels and am working on the 4 patch.   I will have to stop at the store tomorrow and get some more green fabric as I don’t have enough for the chevrons that I’m skipped.  I guess I’ll try tackling the pinwheels again after I finish the 4 patch squares.
This is my poor pinwheel, my points don't all match right.  I had to take a break from them was getting very irritated that they weren't doing what the should.

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