Monday, April 11, 2016

Another Swap for me

I decided to do another quilt square swap.  I have finished two swaps, but not the quilts J.  One the squares are together just working on the border, piano keys which are kind of tedious, the other is a Friendship Ribbon quilt in Christmas fabrics.  I will probably get that one together this month.  However, in the mean time I am now doing a Random Ohio Star quilt using Bonnie Hunters free pattern Random Ohio Stars.  I chose Civil War prints for mine.
This is all my way of saying don’t be in a rush.  I needed to have this blocks mailed to arrive before April 15 and I’m cutting it close, I will be mailing them today.  I was on a birthday adventure which I will be sharing in a few days and was gone for 10 days, when I got home I had to get caught up on so much stuff.  
I finally got a chance to sit down and sew and got to work on the 4 blocks I needed to made.  I made the half square triangles first, since I have learned chain piecing I decided to do all that part first.  Anyone see the problem here? 
 All the triangles are sewn on the wrong side, so I had to go back and sew them all on the correct side then take the wrong stitches out.  They look like this when done correctly.

They finish into this really nice block that is now going in the mail with 3 others.  

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