Saturday, April 16, 2016

Pretty spring day

We have had a bit of rain the last few days, actually a lot last night.  I got up this morning and the sun was out and the grass was so green, I didn’t have my glasses on at first and saw a brown lump in the yard under where two of my trees are.  I thought it was a clump of leaves that fell off the tree(s).  Turns out it wasn’t, it was this cute little rabbit, just lying there in the grass.  It didn’t even move when I got a bit closer to take its picture.  My doggies didn’t even notice it.
After I took a picture of the bunny I had to get some of my roses.  They are blooming so nicely at the moment.  Several more have big fat buds on them so I see more lovely roses in my future. 

I have spent way too much time today sitting at this computer, think I need to go putter around and get a few things done.  But Einstein will be staying here taking his nap.

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