Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I hate mosquito's

I really hate those little flying mosquito's! I was trying to do some much needed yard work on Sunday, it was actually cool for a Sunday afternoon in July here in Georgia. I got attacked by several of them. They bit my face, arms, shoulder, ankles, and chest. I was so itchy I had to take a Benadril which made me sleepy :(, so I didn't get my yard done. Tonight we took my sister out to dinner, she is moving to Arizona tomorrow, when we got home we let the dogs outside, I sat there watching them (the little one tries to escape through the gate) and got bit again. On the face, the forehead, ands and arms. I must be a magnet for these things

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omashee aka Barb said...

Oh man! I hate those little buggers too! They can smell me from miles away (I swear I use deodorant every day, maybe that's what they like!) They see me and see prime rib! And they itch for days. Ugh!
In sympathy, Barb