Wednesday, June 13, 2012

More Stitching (or how what I do while watching Grey's Anatomy of Lifetime:))

Ever since I finished The Wedding I have made it a mission to work on a few smaller projects I have in my stash (except for a couple of HAED's) I have started. I been working on Orchid by Nora Corbert and Lily of the Valley also by Nora, which was given to me as a birthday gift last year by a stitching friend. For my HAED I am working on Power and Prestige and I am going to do CavaLiers on Wicker Chairs also an HAED. My husband loves those little doggies and I'm thinking that is as close as I'm gonna get to one.I guess I'll start pulling floss for the little doggies this weekend, I have the fabric for it so floss is all that is needed to start:)

Here are the pics of my current WIPS:

Power and Prestige


Lily of the Valley

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