Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hopefully tomorrow will be the day I get to set up my sewing room the way I have wanted to for a while now. I have to move some furniture around to make the spaces work a bit better. I am going to put my sewing machine in front of the window to get the light that comes in. I was reading a book about how to organise your sewing space and is was based on the same principle as kitchens are set up. Make a triangle from cutting to sewing to pressing, just like your kitchen fridge to counter to stove and back. I don't have a dedicated cutting area but I bet I can get the sewing and pressing pretty well situated.

I got my mannequin in the mail the other day but I have had to work the past 3 days so I haven't had time to set it up and take new pictures of the items I want to put up for sale on my ETSY account. I will also post pictures here and a link to them when I get it all done up. I have several days off from work and no one at home to stop me from getting alot of sewing done if I want. Now to just get motivated to do it plus spend less time messing around on the computer and more time doing what I really need to get done.

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