Monday, June 1, 2009

I've been bad and neglected my blog for a few days. I have been busy with work and home. Had a 3 day weekend and didn't get anywhere near my sewing room:( Did manage to break and TV though. We got an HDTV for Christmas and it was set up in the spare room. I decided to move it into the living room where everyone could enjoy it. In the process of moving the old TV out it fell off the stand we had put it on to disconnect everything. We moved it to our bedroom and it worked at first but the next day when we tried to use it no go. Turns out the little thing you hook the cable too broke off. Oh well I only paid $120 for it at a WalMart sidewalk sale 6 years ago, it would probably have cost more then that to get it fixed. So now we have 2 HDTV, a bigger one in the living room and a small one in the bedroom. DH had oldest DS come over to make sure we hooked everything up right. That required a few new cables to correct but now we can use the surround or not as our moods strikes.

I don't have to work until 4 pm tomorrow so I'm thinking that after I get my bit of yard work and housework done I'm gonna hit my sewing room. I have a couple of projects in the works I'd like to get done. I'm also going to slowly reorganized the room so it is more user friendly and way neater. I guess it is true some creative people are just not the neatest creatures on the planet:)

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