Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My sewing room

It's taking shape, we have the furniture rearranged, a lot of junk moved out and it looks way way better :). I think I may actually get to sew in there Friday. Just a few more things to do for part one of the project. The next challenge is the closet. I had to put up a new top shelf and brackets last fall and decided to use the set that allows you to add things to help organize your closets. I am going next week or the week after and get the wire style drawers that you can use and put all my yarn in there. I really need to weed out what I'm never every going to work wit and just give it away to the Goodwill, like the ton of 20 year old cross stitch magazines that are in my car at this moment going to the same place. When I am all do I'll will post pictures so you all can see. I didn't do a before for the room but will be sure to do that for the closet.

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